June 14, 2012

Instagram Wednesday












1. Last Friday's outfit: 80's nautical shirt, target shorts, gold and orange accessories
2. Kyla of Lost & Find  at the Etsy Fair during Ribfest
3. Zzouzi Vintage's tent at The Vintage Bazaar
4.  Leilani, me, and Kyla at the Etsy Fair
5. The inside of my tent at TVB
6. 7. 8. CONAN! Conan came to Chicago and Kawtar and I were lucky enough to get to see him! We also got picks from Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band.
9. This is Zavier - He is 3 months old! He's the baby I nanny now :)
10. Greek yogurt, glueberries, cashew granola clusters & maple syrup and a cup of coffee - Breakfast
11. Yellow cow creamer from Target turned into a vase (They have them on sale for $3)
12. My clean apartment. Always must be documented because its so rare.
13. The new chalkboard I made for the kitchen!

Again! Sorry this is late but yesterday I actually had a day off and I spent it cleaning my entire apartment. Nothing like spending $80 on cleaning supplies to get you motivated (okay, I also bought new sheets). The new jobs been going well! Zavier is beyond adorable and is such a happy baby, I'm so thankful to be working with him. The new family is great too. This last week was crraaazy again. I had two sales in one weekend! I survived though. The Vintage Garage is this weekend - stop by and say hi!

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