July 27, 2012

Scootin' Around Town

Wednesday I finally got to hang out with one of my favorite vintage gals, Kyla of Lost & Find Vintage.  We met up for coffee and lunch then did some thrifting! Kyla has an adorable turquoise scooter that we road around in. Sadly not much luck with thrifting (which I guess was good in this case because we didn't have much room) but it's always fun to go thrifting with other vintage dealers. We found a lot of stuff for each other and it's always nice to get their opinion on what you should buy.

Outfit Details:
Polkadot Chino Shorts - Target
1980's Number's Shirt - Zzouzi Vintage (looks like this one is a keep!)
Kelly & Katie Nude Wedges - DSW
Horn Watch - Michael Kors 
Orange bracelet: Mr & Mrs DIGZ 
Vintage London Charm Bracelet - Thrifted
Cheetah Bracelet - from a Bazaar in Morocco 

You can get Kyla's details on her NEW blog! Yay! Check it out and follow her. She's great and has beautiful outfits!

Have a great weekend guys! I'll be heading to Randolph Street Market early tomorrow morning with Leilani - check my instagram for updates!

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