August 29, 2012

Bike Ride

Yesterday I got out of work ridiculously early and thought I would take my bike to a few thrifts close buy. I ended up biking about 7 miles to two different thrift stores, and one was in Skokie. Totally unexpected. The weather for it was absolutely perfect (75 degrees and slightly breezy!) so it was really enjoyable! The only problem I find while biking around in the city are the pedestrians, either walking in the street or just jumping out in front of me! And of course roads that don't accommodate for bikers but that's not a huge deal either. Of course thrifting on your bike isn't ideal - I had to fit everything in my back pack so I had to be super selective! Here are a few things that came home with me:

Top left to bottom right: Tribal print high waisted shorts, Cat & Bee Mugs, Strawberry Sweater, Arizona tshirt

I am really trying to take advantage of the nice weather before Chicago's terrible winter hits again. :(

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