August 8, 2012

Day trip to Lake Geneva

Ismail and I decided to take advantage of both of us having Tuesday off to take a short day trip up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It was the perfect mini vacation away from the city's hustle and bustle. Lake Geneva is a small town on the coast of a large lake so it has a nautical oceanic feeling that's reminiscent of Maine. The small town had a lot of local boutiques, ice cream shoppes, and family restaurants that were full of charm. We spent most of the day walking around or lounging on the beach watching boaters go by.

For lunch we sampled local goodies such as Popeye's (not the fried chicken chain) which had amazing slow roasted chicken and seafood and Kilwin's Ice Cream & Chocolate Shoppe that had handmade fudge, delicious fresh made waffle cones, and unique flavors of ice cream!

We even managed to fit in a trip to a thrift store out there! I found a few purses that I'll be bringing to The Vintage Bazaar this weekend and Ismail found a beautiful navy velvet blazer that was in phenomenal condition and fit him to the t.

My outfit details:
Straw Hat: Vintage
White Belt: Vintage
Leopard Print Sandals: Target
Watch: Michael Kors Horn Watch
Bracelets: Vintage London Charm Bracelet
Leaf Bracelet: Thrifted
Orange Beaded bracelet: Mr. & Mrs. DIGZ

Ismail's Outfit Details:
Beatles T-shirt: H&M
1960's Blue Shorts: Vintage 
Orange Slip On Shoes: Thrifted

We're back in the city now and back to work, well at least Ismail is back to work. I have a very light work schedule this week which is nice so I can use that time to prepare for The Vintage Bazaar this coming Sunday! I hope some of you can make it out there to visit me! 

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