August 13, 2012

DIY: Chevron Jewelry Display

I made this board to display my vintage jewelry for my shows. I really like it because it folds up and is so light and portable. I'm planning on making a smaller version of it for my house to hang in my bathroom.  

3 Pegboards - equal sizes
Spray paint - One Primer and One color (can be more than one if you want)
Zip Ties
Painters Tape

1. Use the zip ties to attach the three pegboards together (think middle school tri-fold board)
2. Spray the white primer in thin even coats until the entire board is covered. Make sure you're outside or in a well ventilated area! 
3. Cut even strips of tape to create the chevron design. This is the most testing part of the entire project. I precut 4 inch pieces of tape to make things go a little faster. I tried to space them out equally with each chevron being equal to the width of the tape. 
4. Spray thin layers of the desired color focusing it on non taped sections. Repeat.
5. Wait for paint to dry. (THIS is pretty close to being tied with #3 for most testing)
6. Peal off tape, attach s-hooks, and display jewelry!

* I did not use any s-hooks for my jewelry display, I was lucky enough to find actual pegboard display hooks at my hardware store. You can also order them online

Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial and make some of your own!! I'd love to see them :) 

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