August 26, 2012

Kitties with a bow

Cat Print Shirt - Old Navy
White Pleated Skirt - Vintage/Thrifted
Leopard Print Sandals - Target
Gold Tassle Necklace - Vintage/Thrifted
Brown Woven Belt - Target
Straw Fedora Hat - Mr. & Mrs. DIGZ
Michael Kors Horn Watch - Gift from Ismail
Kate Spade Dixon Place Scout Bag - Gift from Amy & Jasmine

Leilani took these photographs last week when we both were lucky enough to have a week day off from work. We spent the day thrifting around the city and then in the afternoon we grabbed some dinner at Antique Taco. Perfection! (More details about our day on Leilani's blog)

A little about this outfit - I thrifted this skirt last year and has been unbelievably versitle - I've worn it during all four seasons - with tights and boots or with a light tank top! This shirt on the other hand I've never worn. I bought it six months ago from Old Navy thinking the print and bow were way too cute to pass up but I could never figure out how I wanted to wear it! I honestly think it was because of the navy color but I really don't know. Do you ever buy something and let it sit in your closet for months before you wear it? My sister likes to say that it just takes a while sometimes for pieces to get introduced to the wardrobe - they need to find their place - and I think she's definitely right.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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