August 22, 2012

Mini Shop Update

1960's two piece dress set - chevron designed fabric, with a beautiful sailor collar and an oversized button belt. Size: Small 

1970's Novelty Print dress with animals hiding among flowers. Size: Small

1980's Neon Navajo Handmade Sweater - Size: Medium

As some of you know, my dress form broke a few weeks ago and that has prevented me from doing a proper shop update. Last week a friend of mine found another vintage dress form at an estate sale and snagged it for me! Sadly the dress form is pretty small and doesn't display clothes as nicely as my old one but fear not - I combined both to create a steady dress form - perfect for photographing pieces! (You can see my new dress form in the first image) For now this combination will due, but I have my heart set on a vintage Wolf form so if anyone sees one or has an extra they're looking to sell - contact me!

This is an extra bright shop update with a few new pieces I've been bringing to the sales these past two weeks. I've been hard at work shopping for new fall items to put in the shop and I'm excited to share some of the cute back to school wears I've got! I should be putting more pieces in the shop later on this week, keep an eye out!

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