October 25, 2012

Modern Vintage Chicago

Last weekend was a doozy!  I was invited to shop Randolph Street Market's Modern Vintage Chicago, a market that showcases vintage and handmade talents from across the country. A few good friends of mine were selling vintage so it was the perfect way to catch up, do some shopping, and spend a Saturday morning.

 Leilani is the perfect shopping partner because she knows exactly what I'm drawn to. (I guess its not that hard - anything loud and sparkly pretty much covers it!)

She tried on this cute 60's brocade dress from a vendor. Wouldn't this be a perfect holiday dress?

I was obviously drawn to this. I thought it might be a fun holiday bag! I've always been interested in chain metal bags because they're so fluid in structure. Sadly this one was too small to even hold my iPhone but it was in amazing condition.

Karyn of Dethrose Vintage and Jen from Jenstyle Vintage looking as cute as always. I loved Jen's entire look! Both have such a unique and fun style.

How amazing are these bear earrings?! This was in a booth that had the loudest most wonderful jewelry I've ever seen! I wish I was able to get more photos of her jewelry. It was out of this world.

This set of curtains came home with me! I'm not sure if I'm going to use them as actual curtains yet but the fabric was too great to pass up. With them I bought a huge throw with a Native American riding horseback as well as another set of curtains. All three sets had awesome prints with great detail and color. I bought these from Rick Lidinsky who is known for selling phenomenal vintage sunglasses including vintage RayBan's but he had a bunch of other goodies with him this time!

These four pictures above are from the same booth. I loved how simple and bold her jewelry selection was.

Leilani spotted this adorable sweater with the year her dad was born on it!

A stunning 60's brocade hat with a sparkly pin.

I LOVED this skirt! The scalloped waves and the red, gold, and blue brocade fabric was perfect. Sadly it was not my size.

1950's Dress - Vintage (Thrifted)
Pink Sequin Cardigan - Forever21
Yellow Skinny Belt - Target
1950's (?) Tweed Clutch - Lost & Find Vintage
Black Oxfords - Target (I painted the tips gold)
Bracelets - Vintage/Gifts
Wooden Ring - Dethrose Vintage
Mint stone ring - Mr & Mrs DIGZ

Also - how is it the end of October already?! I'm excited for Halloween! I still have to make my costume though. Always last minute! 


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