November 11, 2012

Oak Park Adventure

This Friday we took a mini trip to Oak Park, a Chicago suburb, to visit some of the historical sites. Oak park is known mainly for its rich history and collection homes and building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Sadly we got to the Unity Temple too late for a tour but we got to explore Oak Park's Lake Street with shops which included beautiful churches and library and the famous Lake theatre. We of course snuck in some shopping too. (okay, okay the day was full of mostly shopping)

I really like how fun this outfit is. I bought these tights on a whim from Target when their $5 tights were on sale for $3! Who could say no? I really like the mint and red together with the subtle hints of gold.

Black wide brim felt hat - Thrifted
Chambray Shirt - Target
Cardigan - Borrowed from mom
Polkadot Skirt - Vintage/Thrifted
Red Tights - Target
Black Oxfords - Target (I painted the tips gold)
Wooden Ring - Vintage via Dethrose Vintage
Sweater Clip - Vintage via Zzouzi Vintage
Watch - Michael Kors Horn (Gift)
Mint Purse - Forever21/Thrifted

Hope you guys are having a fun weekend! The weather has been beautiful in Chicago!

November 5, 2012


It's been a busy month full of costumes, candy, and redecorating!

from top left to bottom right:
1. Photograph taken by Leilani at the Vintage Garage
2. Zavier as a tiger for halloween
3. Bedroom with new midcentury dresser
4. Goat cheese, cashew, and caramel ice cream at Black dog
5. Work Outfit for a college fair
6.  Midcentury dresser #2
7. 1970's recreation of a crank telephone box
8. Painted bedroom and stencil - work in progress
9. Photobooth at beauty bar
10. Adding sequins to tights for my halloween costume
11. Zavier's second costume - the Pillsbury doughboy!
12. I was a Lion tamer for halloween (also my second costume)
13. Cat in the Hatbox
14. New jewelry pieces I thrifted this weekend.

Happy November guys!


PS: If you wish to trade buttons please email me - I will be switching out my buttons this month!