November 5, 2012


It's been a busy month full of costumes, candy, and redecorating!

from top left to bottom right:
1. Photograph taken by Leilani at the Vintage Garage
2. Zavier as a tiger for halloween
3. Bedroom with new midcentury dresser
4. Goat cheese, cashew, and caramel ice cream at Black dog
5. Work Outfit for a college fair
6.  Midcentury dresser #2
7. 1970's recreation of a crank telephone box
8. Painted bedroom and stencil - work in progress
9. Photobooth at beauty bar
10. Adding sequins to tights for my halloween costume
11. Zavier's second costume - the Pillsbury doughboy!
12. I was a Lion tamer for halloween (also my second costume)
13. Cat in the Hatbox
14. New jewelry pieces I thrifted this weekend.

Happy November guys!


PS: If you wish to trade buttons please email me - I will be switching out my buttons this month!

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