February 21, 2013

Lost Girls Vintage: Our New Mobile Shop!!

Lots of exciting things have been going on this winter! Kyla and I finally bought our RV that we're completely gutting to turn it into a mobile vintage shop! We are planning on touring the nation this summer with it.

Here's little Winnie - she's a 1976 mini Winnebago. Isn't she darling? Okay, so she has lot of character, but that's what makes her special. We're painting the outside and redoing the interior ourselves so I'll be sure to update you guys on how it's going. We just need to plan our summer tour now!

Oh yeah! The collaborative name of our shops is Lost Girls Vintage.  It's a play on Peter Pan's Lost Boys. Kawtar, my sister, joked that people are going to be constantly trying to give us directions.

We took little Winnie to The Vintage Bazaar this past weekend and although we didn't sell out of her it was nice to be able to use our own vehicle to transport our things rather than stressing about renting a car. She made quite the impression trucking down busy Chicago streets at 15mph.

Here's a few shots from our set up at The Vintage Bazaar this past weekend:

photos c/o The Vintage Bazaar
From left to right: Mustache Mike of Midnorth Mercantile, Karyn of Dethrose Vintage, Maranda's husband Jon, Leilani - The Thriftaholic, Niki of Bombshell Shocked and Maranda of Persnickety Vintage, Me, and Kyla of Lost and Find Vintage

Outfit Details: 
Vintage Romantic Ruffle Dress - Via Etsy
Vintage 1980s Lion head Earrings - Thrifted 
Tights: Target
Vintage 1970s stacked heel boots -  Thrifted 
1970s wooden ring - Dethrose Vintage
Bracelets - Thrifted/F21
Watch - Michael Kors Horn (Gift from Ismail)
Lipstick: Mac Ruby Woo

If you want to read more about The Vintage Bazaar, Leilani just did a post about it!

February 6, 2013

Gluten and Sugar free Cereal

Hi guys! I've recently cut out sugars and carbs from my diet and I've been sharing some of my yummy meals on Instagram - this one got a lot of interest so I thought I'd post the recipe here!

Keto and Paleo friendly Flax seed Cereal
1 cup of flax seed 
1 cup of finely crushed almonds 
1 cup of sweetener (honey, stevia, apple juice etc - I used water and sugar free syrup) 
4 tbs of cinnamon
2 tbs of vanilla
1/2 of almond slices
1/2 of coconut flakes 

Mix all of the dry ingredients together. Slowly add in the sweetener and mix. You can manually mix in the ingredients or use a food processor. 
Spread the mixture on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Used another piece of parchment paper to spread out the mixture as flat as possible. 
Bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees
take the cookie sheet out and using a pizza cutter or knife to cut it into square pieces about the size of your keyboard. 
Bake for an additional 10 minutes at 250.
Let cool
Break pieces apart then mixed in the almond slices and coconut flakes. Bake for an additional 20 minutes at 200. You're trying to dry it out to create the crunch. Time will vary depending on the type of flax seed you use. 

This should make 12 servings. 

Enjoy with unsweetened almond milk and some berries!